Who is Bonnie?

Bonnie is keenly focused on helping youth and adults overcome their internal and external challenges in order to obtain meaning and fulfillment. She has applied this focus in all her professional endeavors, most notably with directing educational programs for students who were homeless or in foster care. Through training, study, observation, and her experience overcoming her own challenges, she has developed the insight and empathy needed in an effective mental wellness coach.

Bonnies Beedles MA Personal Coach
A Personal Note from Bonnie...
I’ve learned that openness and connection are critical to meeting life’s fluctuations and to the ability to experience joy in daily routines, as well as in times of turmoil. All facets of my life, both personal and professional–have been enriched by my core beliefs. When I’m honest and open with myself, I connect with others more authentically. Working with adults, children, and youth for the past 36 years as a tutor, mentor, teacher, program director, and art teacher, is most effective when I nurture the care of my own inner life. The resulting shared sense of community is enormously rewarding.
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What Brought Me Here
As a teenager and young adult, I lacked self-worth and struggled with family difficulties, depression, suicide attempts, and alcoholism. With a great deal of help, at age 23 I got sober and clean and found treatment for my depression. In my twenties, I set goals and took action to build a life for myself.
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As I did worthwhile things my self-worth grew – I graduated with honors from UCLA, earned a graduate degree, taught college, and wrote textbooks. I continued in the field of education Ultimately, I embarked on a career as an educator creating and directing programs for students who faced significant barriers to attaining academic success.

An Objective Viewpoint and Compassion

In the past 36 years I have built a meaningful and successful life by practicing a continued focus on my mental health and sobriety, which has necessarily entailed practicing consistent honesty with myself and others.

Working with mental health professionals who provide an objective viewpoint has been a key element of my mental wellness.

Effective Personal Coaching

As a coach, I bring that objective viewpoint and compassion to my clients so they can examine their inner lives—and its relation to their outer lives. I rely on my training, and most importantly, on my lived experience. I’ve learned a lot from those who’ve helped me and from experiencing what works and what doesn’t.

Usually, if we really look at ourselves, we know what we need. But that process is often easier and more productive when we do it in a focused way with a supportive professional.

I’d love to join and support you in that process of connecting with and setting intentions for your authentic self.

But enough about me, I want to hear about you!